Case Studies


Sprint “It Takes a Network”

A few years ago, Sprint was purchased by SoftBank. A conference in Switzerland was planned and Sprint’s Chief Technology Officer asked us to imagine the full potential of mobile in the coming years and to dramatize it in a short film. Amazingly, almost all of our suggested innovations came to fruition. Many arrived exactly how we imagined them.


Jeep “Super Bowl Digital Campaign Support”

The battle for Super Bowl ad supremacy doesn’t end with the live broadcast. Viewership on platforms like YouTube and post- game rankings by publication are important too. We created this integrated digital effort to garner additional views online and earn a higher ranking on various online publications. Both are key to push up viewership of the content to the tipping point of exponential, self-sustaining growth.


Icelandair: “Toronto Food Truck Event”

Icelandair wanted to promote their one-stop service to Europe to the Toronto market. Our solution was to bring the Icelandair European experience to the Toronto Film Festival. We deployed a food experience, a street team and photo booth. A customized food truck served the public European box lunches, some containing a ‘golden ticket’ good for a trip to anywhere in Europe served by Icelandair. Immediately following the event bookings from Toronto hit the target set out by the sales team.


Ram: Towing Website

User data showed us that one of the top searches on was for information on towing. However, the towing information on site was a poorly organized, hard-to-read table. We decided Towing was an important enough topic to get a complete information redesign. The result was a comprehensive, intuitive, interactive tool that allowed new truck owners to input key facts about what they wanted to tow and receive exactly the recommendations needed to make a decision. The Towing Guide was so successful that additional “explainer” videos were created to teach owners how to safely hitch up a trailer and handle their vehicles.